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The comments and writing expressed by contributors on this site are strictly opinions of the blogger/writer. We do not claim to be experts on any certain subject, we are just home cooks, passionate people and like to share what works for us.  We are happy to share our opinions with those wanting to read something we find interesting or something we’ve discovered works well.

Nutritional Information

All nutritional information listed on this site is an estimate only and should not be used as your final authority when planning your dietary needs. The nutritional data can vary widely depending on the brands of products you use and many other factors. To get accurate nutritional information, you should calculate it yourself based off the nutritional information of the ingredients you are using.


The comments expressed below posts are posted upon approval of the blog owner. If any comment is deemed offensive, disrespectful and not constructive criticism, we reserve the right to un-approve a post comment. Otherwise, feel free to comment as long as you follow the simple rule of thumb, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” Thanks!


We run ads on our site to help us keep the site going without much out of pocket expense. The ads that run on our site are placed on our site automatically, so some ads may not exactly match our views.  It takes lots of time and energy to continuously run such a site, so besides loving to share our passion for things like food, we also hope to make a little compensation on the side.  The site is a constant work in progress and we hope it can help supplement an income for our family of 5.

We run affiliate links on our site as well.  If a purchase is made through one of our links, we might make a small commision, and again, this helps us keep the site going.  If we specifically recommend a product via a link, we believe in the product and it is one we would even recommend to our own family and friends.


We will occasionally host giveaways on products we use ourselves.  We will not run a giveaway on a product we don’t believe in.

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All images on this site are originals taken by us and belong to us unless otherwise noted.  Please do not share our images without linking back to our original post on this site. Recipes also may not be copied from our site without our written consent.


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