Fire Roasted Jalapenos

Spicy Grill Roasted Jalapenos, quick easy and delicious!

Fire Roasted Jalapenos can be used immediately or frozen for future use.

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Grilled or Roasted Jalapenos Have Many Uses!

You can chop or slice the jalapenos and use them to add spice to many dishes.  Sprinkle on tacos, add to soup, hamburgers, hotdogs.  The list goes on!

What Is Required?


Grill - I use a pellet grill

Sealable container

Long Tongs





It doesn't take much to make your own fire roasted or grilled jalapenos.

If you have a pellet grill, gas grill, charcoal or something else, make sure you clean and preheat it in preparation of your grill roasted jalapenos.

Clean & Preheat Grill


Put Jalapenos On Grill

Spread your jalapenos out on the grill over the flame.  Leave the lid open and let them grill for 3 to 4 minutes


Flip Jalapenos

Now flip the jalapenos and let them grill for another 5 to 8 minutes.  Keep moving them around to get all sides.  You want a solid char over most of the jalapeno.


Remove Jalapenos

Once fully charred remove jalapenos and place in a sealable container for about 10 minutes to steam.


Peel Roasted Jalapenos

Wear food safe gloves and peel the charred skin off the jalapenos.  It should come off super easy.


Fire Roasted Jalapenos

You can chop them up, slice them or butterfly them open.  These freeze well if you put them in an airtight container.