GOT CHEESE? Smoke it!

Smoked cheese will elevate any party spread! Surprise your guests with homemade smoked cheese!

Smoking Cheese is EASY!

Make some for GAMEDAY or impress a Loved One with a Mini Charcuterie Spread for two!

Elevate your Favorite cheeses with Cold Smoking

What you Need to  Smoke Cheese

Smoking Vessel-  Something to place cheese in to hold smoke, i.e. a grill or smoker. You are NOT lighting it, it's just a holder with a lid & vent.

Prepare & Transfer


-Pick your favorite cheese blocks & cut into smaller 3-4" chunks.  Remove any rind -Transfer cheese blocks to a Wire/Cooling Rack for easy transport to & from your smoking vessel

Fill & Light Tube


-Fill smoker tube with mild wood pellets.  Fruit woods are great.  I like Apple & Pecan woods for smoked cheese.  -Light smoker tube & allow to burn 3-4 mins, then blow out.

Start smoking!


-Place smoking tube in smoking vessel, farther from cheese and close.  -You may turn cheese a couple times -Smoking cheese a total of 2 Hours

Rest & Refrigerate


-After the cheese smoking is complete, allow to rest 1 Hr -Then wrap the cheese in wax or parchment paper, then refrigerate 24 Hours

After 24 Hours...


-After 24 hours, vacuum Seal the cheese or place in zip top bags for 2 weeks to allow smoke flavor to age & mellow out.  -DO NOT TRY cheese early, you will be disappointed. 

No Sealer? It's Ok


-If you do not have a vacuum sealer, use this water bowl and zip top method to seal up cheese.  -Once all Cheese Sealed, AGE your Cheese for 2 Weeks. (Not Optional)

After 2 weeks...

Go ahead and enjoy your homemade smoked cheese at 2 weeks or later. You can leave them sealed up in the fridge to enjoy for up to 6 months! 

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