Instant Pot

Sloppy Joes

Sweet & Tangy, ready to get sloppy on your buns! Easy & Homemade, YUM!

Summon your 

Inner Lunch  Lady!

You probably already have  most ingredients

In your Kitchen!

Easy Steps in 1 Pot!

1. Set your Instant Pot to sauté  2. Sauté onions & pepper  3. Add ground beef  and brown 4. Add garlic and  seasonings 5. Add remaining  ingredients

6. Close Instant Pot & set to 5 mins high pressure 7. Quick release  8. Toast your buns 9. Serve Sloppy Joes to your Hungry Sloppy Eaters!

Sloppy Joe Toppings:

-Crunchy Pickles -Pickles Jalapenos -Raw Onion -French Fried Onions -Crunchy Slaw -Cheese -Avocado Chunks -Get Crazy...& Creative

Load up those Buns & Bite into sloppy YUM!

Sloppy...Savory & Sweet!!

What are you waiting for?!