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Posted On: December 3, 2014
Last updated: April 1st, 2015

We all know from studies over the years how important sleep is to our health and overall well being.  Unfortunately, too many of us these days are not getting restful sleep due to everyday stresses, physiological problems or maybe small children and outside noises interrupting our sleep.  Restless sleepless nights affect everything from our mood to poor diet choices.

Sleep Issues

I haven’t been a good sleeper since my late teens, having trouble shutting off my  brain or waking to the slightest noise around me unable to fall back asleep for hours at times.  I was always in denial about calling it insomnia, but it definitely was my issue. It made for miserable, grumpy sleepiness in my waking life, not a good combo for trying to be productive during the day.  If you suffer from insomnia you know that numb drowsy feeling I’m talking about.

Once I became a mother, as most parents can relate, my sleep became even more sparse and interrupted.  Then I had twins and my sleeping patterns suffered even more, affecting my mood even more, becoming an issue I could no longer ignore so I succumbed to medical

My Sleep Trials

As most struggling sleep deprived people can relate, my doctor recommended I try a well known prescription sleep aid.  I will never forget how that little pill affected me after just one night.  I was overwhelmed with a devil like manifestation; physically I felt like a zombie, moving but barely awake enough to handle the world around me; mentally I was a raging and quickly became a short tempered witch of a mom and wife. I tried it a couple more nights, but I had to quit for everyone’s sanity, including my own. My husband can attest to how much it affected me negatively.  This prescription sleep aid was not even worth a little extra sleep.  Plus, I didn’t feel rested or refreshed.  What was the point?!

My next trial for a sleep aid was Melatonin.  Now this was definitely the safer, more natural option and it worked great for me for the last few years, but I wouldn’t say I was sleeping as deeply and as refreshed as I am now.  I also found that if something woke me up, I still couldn’t fall back asleep easily; tossing and turning sometimes for an hour or two.

Sleepy Oil to the Rescue

Almost a year ago I was introduced to the benefits of pure essential oils by a friend.  I was a skeptic, but after hearing my friend tell me about the struggles her sister had with nasty side effects from sleeping aid medications and horrible insomnia most of her life, I decided to try some samples.  Today, I’m amazed by this little oil bottle and the benefits I’ve gotten from it.  Lavender are incomparable to my previous sleep aid trials.  My husband who was a bigger skeptic became an instant believer once he started using some for sleeping and other ailments; to be discussed in a later post.

Lavender Essential Oil Young Living

Purity at it’s Finest

Let me introduce you to 100% pure Therapeutic-Grade Lavender Essential Oil.  It’s sometimes referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of oils.  The benefits seem endless from this oil, but for this post it’s my new ultimate natural sleeping aid. I have never had so many dreams during sleep and slept more soundly than I have in the last year, since I started using it and finally figured out how to use it properly.  Even Melatonin didn’t make me feel as rested and help me sleep as deeply as I do now with this sleep aid.  The best part is, there are NO SIDE EFFECTS.  I have to stress this.  This is the amazing benefit of this and other essential oils.

Since I’m such a believer in 100% natural remedies whenever feasibly possible, I only use this particular Lavender Oil versus other ones with additives since this one has a Seed to Seal Guarantee and is beyond Organic standards since they use their own pure oils as pesticides for their crops.  A lot of essential oils you’ll find in stores or online have fillers or added chemicals with disclaimers on the bottles because they are not pure.  I believe in pure elements when possible and that is why I only use these oils.  They guarantee the purity and all their essential oil since everything they harvest is grown on their own farms, not purchased from unknown farms.

How To Use Lavender Oil for Sleep

Some of you might be thinking, I’m not a fan of the smell lavender and don’t want to smell like a flower even while going to bed.  You don’t have to. All you do is put a couple drops of the pad of your big toes (the “brain” spot of your toe as in reflexology) and you’re done! That’s your easy sleep aid. I do it every night now and can feel a difference in my sleep if I forget to oil my toes. It’s quite amazing and my husband can’t live without his oil now either.  It’s a huge relief for us in our hectic lives, especially as parents of little ones.  Even if a kid wakes us we can fall back asleep with no issue.

There’s an Oil for Everyone

I must also stress that oils do not affect all people the same.  Lavender oil works great for me for more restful sleep.  My husband uses it now as well every night with the same benefits.  I also use it on one of my sons on an as needed basis if I feel he needs a little help relaxing.  On my other sons though I use an alternative oil, Cedarwood from the Young Living as well that works great on them since it seems the lavender sometimes has the opposite effect on them.  If you decide to give Lavender essential oil a try, or other oils, keep in mind that not all will have the same results. There will most likely be an alternative that will work for you.  Let me know how this works for you if you give it a try or if you have any questions I may help you with.  Try a more restful night of sleep on Lavender, instead of pills.
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