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Fresh garlic bulb ready to be minced
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Posted On: October 26, 2014
Last updated: August 10th, 2016

I am a big fan of garlic, I try to sneak garlic into any recipe that I think I can get away with it in.  When I first got into using garlic, I bought whole garlic heads from the store.  After many thousands of heads, prepping and mincing the garlic became very tedious.  Peel the garlic… mince the garlic… and repeat.  I went the way of convenience and started buying giant jars of pre-minced garlic.  The pre-minced garlic did give food some garlic flavor and I became satisfied with it over the years even though it was missing that fresh garlic kick.


Fast-forward a few years…

A friend of mine told me about this handy little gadget that he had for mincing garlic called the Garlic Twist

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.  I was a bit skeptical as I have bought many gadgets over the years to find out most of them are hype.  He kept insisting that I had to get one of these handy little Garlic Twists and it would change my life.  I heeded his advice and ordered a Garlic Twist from Amazon.  My life was instantly changed forever!!

Garlic twist to quickly mince garlic cloves
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The garlic twist ready for action!

This little garlic mincing gadget is so amazingly simple yet it works flawlessly every time.  The day we got it, I put it to the test.  I smacked a garlic clove with it to remove the skin, put the garlic cloves inside and gave it a few twists.  I opened it up and saw beautiful, glorious minced garlic!  Now granted, it wasn’t precisely uniformly minced garlic but it was exactly what I have been missing all these years!  I was immediately kicking myself for using jarred garlic for the past several years!  I now held the key to garlic perfection in my hands!

I was sauteing some onions, I tossed this garlic in with it and the amazing odor that emerged drew my wife in from the other room.  The difference between fresh garlic and pre-minced garlic is unbelievable.  This mouthwatering smell had been missing from our house for years and now it was back in all of it’s pungent glory!

Cleanup on The Garlic Twist is super easy also, just give it a quick rinse under hot water and all the garlic comes right off.

The Garlic Twist has become an indispensable gadget in our kitchen.  If you buy one, make sure you get the NexTrend 3rd Generation Garlic Twist

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, I have heard about knockoffs that are cheaply made and break.

Garlic twist loaded with garlic cloves
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Put peeled garlic cloves into the Garlic Twist
Mincing garlic in the Garlic Twist
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Give the Garlic Twist a few twists. The more you twist, the finer it will mince the garlic.
Garlic minced in the Garlic Twist.
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Voila! Your garlic is now minced.

Don’t forget, fresh garlic is not only delicious, it is a super healthy and nutritious food.  There are many health advantages to adding garlic to your food.  And did I mention…I’m a big fan of garlic?

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