WML’s Favorite Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Posted On: March 31, 2016
Last updated: October 28th, 2016

I have quite a few kitchen tools and gadgets I’ve accumulated over the years, mainly starting with my wedding day, almost 10 years ago.  You know, thanks to a Wedding Registry that most people getting married put together, with or without the spouse involved, gathering kitchen appliances and gadgets that you “think” you’ll need once you get married.

I think some of us have this picture in our head of baking and cooking and all the marriage-type stuff we think we’ll do more once we’re married and settled down.  Now, most of you probably didn’t use most of those things after the wedding day.  I might be a minority here, but I would say that’s when I really started experimenting and playing with kitchen tools and gadgets I didn’t really even know much about.

WML's Favorite Kitchen Tools & Gadgets with blender, mixer and scale

Kitchen Tool Trials

Some of those appliances I still have today, yes, 10 years later they’re still working for me quite well, without issues even.  Some kitchen tools you’ll see below are newer and came into our cooking repertoire a little later, but they’re still quite important in our everyday cooking.

My husband and I are very picky when it comes to cooking tools and gadgets, so if it’s no good we return it almost immediately and try a new one.  We try to only buy from sources we know have a great return policy for faulty items like Costco and Amazon, for example.

All the kitchen appliances and gadgets listed below are tried and true for our kitchen.  They work really well for us in our busy kitchen, now feeding 3 growing boys.  I’m sure this list will change significantly for us in 10 more years feeding teen boys.


10 Year Kitchen Rockers

These are my die-hard appliances that I received 10 years ago and are still working hard for us after all these years! Our kitchen would be incomplete without them and we probably won’t get rid of them till they completely die on us or we need a larger model for making bigger batches of food.  These appliances have been rocking and rolling in our kitchen, making countless meals, dishes and treats.  Highly Recommend these for every home cook!

A baking must have! This baby has been running strong all these years and the only time I will replace it is when I want to upgrade to the larger version of this mixer some day.
This food processor is a classic and a little beast in the kitchen. A must have for many recipes we make time and time again.

This waffle maker cooks waffles quite well and is still going strong after 10 years. The only reason we’d replace it is to buy a 4 waffle maker since we’re feeding a larger family now.

Home Cooking Must Have’s

These appliances and tools are ones I have slowly accumulated over the last few years that have simplified my home cooking and taken our home cooking to a whole new level.  These are not necessities, but if you’re a serious home cook you will never want to be without these once you start using them.

Our 1st griddle. Served us very well for about 6 years! Original purchase from Costco.
Our newest and 2nd great griddle/Upgrade. We just got this recently and love it! Slightly larger, great even cooking with a safe ceramic non-stick coating.

The mandolin helps you make great shreds for slaws, slices for veggies and so much more. I really like this model.
A hand blender speeds up prep when you’re just needing a quick blend for smaller amounts of ingredients. A must have!
This slow cooker is wonderful for all it’s options, settings and capability to take an internal temperature if needed.

My Big Bonus Appliances

These appliances were added to our kitchen repertoire thanks to a generous family gift and an Amazon Warehouse (Open Box) steal.  These are appliances we’ve lived without for years, they’re kitchen luxury for us, but now that we have them they’ve become a major component in our cooking and help a ton with certain needs.  Our first addition was the juicer.  We got the juicer to try a juice cleanse and since then have loved having it for the occasional awesome raw juices it makes.  Now, mind you, not all so called “juicers” are actual juicers.  Check out our post on differences here.  Shortly after the juicer we got our beast of a blender as a gift.  What an amazing powerhouse this thing is.  It’s amazing for so much more than just smoothies. The power will move you.  It’s worth the expense.

 This juicer is a beast with raw fruits and veggies. It’s a great deal also for a rookie juicer. Tough enough to handle a lot of juicing without a hefty price.

 This high speed blender changed our blending world and opened up new options for us in the kitchen. It’s a pricey investment, but worth every penny.

Little Gadgets with Big Purpose

These kitchen gadgets and tools make life in the kitchen so much easier.  They’re not big expenses and not only speed up prep, but help make it more precise.  I highly recommend these all these kitchen tools and use them almost on a daily basis.

For precise measuring of ingredients by weight, I highly recommend this sort of scale. You’ll find I measure a lot of produce for my recipes with this scale.
Mincing garlic will never be the same or easier with this fabulous gadget!
This gadget takes grating, zesting and fine shredding to a whole new level.
Never thought I’d own one of these, but once I got it from an online clearance sale, I was sold. Shred large amounts of cheese and veggies super fast and easily.
Larger and stronger hand held juicer which can even fit small oranges. Love this thing!
 Ditch the margarine! Real good ol’ fashioned butter is the way to go! A butter bell like this is is a necessity for a real food kitchen. Soft spreadable butter anytime. Love this thing!



All of these gadgets and kitchen tools are well used in our kitchen.  We’ve gone through quite a few kitchen gadgets over the years just trying to find the best to keep around and that actually work great for me and my husband.  All of these have made the cut and we highly recommend for a balanced busy kitchen.

If you have a recommendation not on here or have experience with any of these, please feel free to share in the comments below.  We love hearing about other tools we might not know about or secret tools not well known to most home cooks.

Happy Cooking!


WML's Favorite Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Pinterest Collage


  • Love all the little gadget with big purpose! My favorite is the mincing garlic gadget~ Another of my all-time favorite which fits the list perfectly is carbonator! They make all your drinks carbonated and add style and texture to your life. Thanks for the post!

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