Movin’ to the Country…Gonna eat me a lot of…

Posted On: September 23, 2015
Last updated: July 21st, 2016

…does anyone else want to sing “PEACHES” right there?! I do…I had such fondness for 90’s alternative rock in my 20’s, what can I say?…Well, for those who don’t feel moved to sing, “peaches” after my title, it’s alright, it’s just one of those things with me; besides food, music has always been a passion of mine and has influenced me in many ways.

More Green!

I thought today, the first day of Autumn would be a great time to share a change for Whole Made Living.  The Whole Made Living family is moving in the next 30 days, and yes, we are moving to the country, well, sort of.  We’re not moving to a completely rural country setting, (no need to start humming John Denver’s Country Roads…)but it’ll definitely be a bit of a change from our current home which has no trees at all in the backyard except for one scraggly ugly bush.

I think a more “country” home setting can be defined by many factors, but I believe these couple factors qualify in our case; a small forest in our backyard and the night sky so being so dark there that you can actually see a sky full of stars.  Ahhh….how I’ve hoped and wished to live in such a setting once again some day.

Whole Made Living Moving to more rural area

My husband and I are not strangers to such a setting because we both grew up in even more rural settings.  He grew up in a small midwest town with one grocery store and I grew up in a “village” technically where there was only 1 street light for years and only 1 school (K-12).  It was the type of place where everyone knew everyone on the street and if you didn’t recognize a face you knew they were out of towners.

Suburb to Rural-Urban Fringe

We actually don’t wish to move back to a place as small as where we grew up, but my husband and I do yearn for a more rural setting where you feel like the city’s far, yet we can see plenty of nature around us.  We still want to be close enough to civilization where we can easily get to a town for services and necessities, but we want more room to play and grow things!  We want the kids to have more room to run around and be kids outdoors.  Hopefully some day we can sustain ourselves even more without relying so much on the conveniences of the urban setting.  I guess the area we’re now moving to would be considered outskirts or “rural-urban fringe” as I’ve seen mentioned in some places. So, it’s not quite the country, but way more country than we’ve lived in since our late teens.  It’s a big change for our current status of married with 3 young kids and we’re excited to venture in such a direction to see what’s possible for us.

More rural setting for Whole Made Living

Odd Balls

We realize we’re probably the odd balls of the 30 and 40 somethings of this country that just want to be close to a more urban setting.  What can we say, we’re kind of going backwards from tradition in the country, but we’re digging it and we’ll let you know how it goes for us.

Short Term Hiatus

So, the reason I’m sharing all this is because in the midst of packing and moving I’ll be a bit slower on posting my usual stuff. I’ll have dishes and props packed and a lot to do between transitioning the family and settling our 3 kiddos into new surroundings, schools, etc…

Keep Checking In

Please keep following our site as things will be changing and morphing in cool new ways with our new inspirations surrounding us.  I’m excited for these changes and I hope you keep following us on our journey!  Please like WML on Facebook if you haven’t yet or follow us on PinterestTwitter or Google Plus.  It’ll be a fun ride!

Whole Made living moves


  • Hi Katia!

    Enjoying reading your blog! Congratulations to you and your family!! Hope to hear more about your move and experiences in a new town!!


    Kathy Schweissinger

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