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Posted On: December 17, 2015
Last updated: July 20th, 2016

You’re on your lunch break at work, you’re trying to think hard about what you’re going to cook for dinner tonight.  You might just be a solo diner, or you’re cooking for the family.  Where can you look for an endless list of recipes, searching for specific terms like a couple ingredients you have available at home? Yummly! Yummly lets you save your recipes into a recipe box and break the recipes down into “collections” to stay organized.

The YUM Button

If you find that perfect recipe you’d like to try, just click on that “Yum” button and you’ve got it in your recipe box saved.  It’s that easy. So Yum it up and check out Yummly next time you’re searching for that special meal to make for loved ones or just a weeknight easy meal.  Oh, and don’t forget to “Yum” some of my recipes right from my posts, since you’re already here and all…

Yummly Bookmarklet

Yummly now also has a new feature you can get from their site called the “Yummly Bookmarklet” which allows you to put a bookmarking tool right into your Toolbar in case a site you’re on does not have Yum buttons.  It’s just one more convenient way to Yum recipes from any site.

Yummly Promo Collage

So, start Yummin’!

Here’s my Recipe Box on Yummly if you’d like to check it out.

Katia’s Whole Made Living Recipe Box

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