25 New Year’s Eve Party Recipes (Best Appetizers)

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Posted On: December 13, 2023

As the countdown to the year’s end begins, it’s time to start planning the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering with close friends or throwing a bash for a larger crowd, one thing’s certain – a spectacular array of delicious food is a must. Elevate your New Year’s Eve party with a tantalizing selection of appetizers and some cocktails/mocktails that will leave your guests raving well into the new year. From savory bites to delectable dips and good luck cocktails, this post is your guide to crafting a culinary experience that will not only bid farewell to the old year but welcome in the new with bold flavors and flair.  Let the celebration begin with these New Year’s Eve Party Recipes for the Best Appetizers that are sure to make your New Year’s Eve soirée a deliciously unforgettable one!

Small Bites to Dazzle the Party

I’ve been serving up appetizers for New Year’s Eve every since I can remember.  I think little bites of food are the way to go when it comes to a long evening celebration.  It forces people to walk and talk and not sit in one place for one heavy meal.  It’s a grazing kind of night.  Sip on a great cocktail and enjoy the holiday party with some of the best new year’s eve appetizers.  Weather you’re hosting just your family or a large crowd, homemade appetizers are way more memorable for your celebration than just a bowl of cheesy puffs, chips and store-bought dip.

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Good Luck for the New Year

Everyone wants the coming New Year to be better, happier and luckier than the current year.  Weather you believe in superstitions or not, It doesn’t hurt to add some “lucky” foods to your New Year’s Eve Party Menu.  Reader’s Digest has a great article on 15 New Year’s Eve Food Traditions to Bring You Good Luck.  In this post, you might see some of those “lucky” foods represented (not all)  in some of these recipes; from soft pretzels to grapes, honey, pomegranates, black eyed peas and little orange and a ring shaped cake!  Not all of these foods are considered “lucky”, but they sure are delicious and will leave a lasting impression from your New Year’s Eve Bash into the coming year! 

Delectable Dips & Spreads

There are so many delicious dips you can make that aren’t time consuming.  They can elevate your party way more than standard lowly French onion dip you picked up off the grocery store shelf.  Check it out!   

1. Black Eyed Pea Taco Dip | Dancing Through the Rain

Here are the “lucky” black-eyed peas in taco dip form.  This is like a layered dip, but with black eyed peas.  Brilliant switch to add that “lucky charm” to your dip selection.

Black Eyed Pea Taco Dip in Bowl with chips Dancing through the Rain
Photo Credit: Dancing Through the Rain

2. Baked Spinach Dip | On My Kid’s Plate

This is a classic party dip, and you could easily make it with store-bought dry soup mix, but homemade is way better, trust me! Ooey gooey delicious comfort to dip into.

Baked Spinach Dip from On my Kid's Plate
Photo Credit: On My Kid’s Plate

3. Pimento Cheese Dip/Spread | Whole Made Living

Add a little bit of Southern flair to your evening with this deliciously cheesy dip.  This is a great last minute dip you can make, if you happen to have all the ingredients.  It’s gluten free if that’s an option you’re needing for the menu. 

4. Ricotta Dip with Roasted Grapes | Entirely Elizabeth

Grapes are another “lucky” food.  I didn’t even know roasted grapes was a thing until I tried this.  What a delicious surprise! 

ricotta dip with roasted grapes from entirely elizabeth
Photo Credit: Entirely Elizabeth

5. Ikra- Eggplant Caviar Spread | Whole Made Living

Cheesy and creamy dips are all the rage and the easiest option, but If you need an amazing vegan or vegetarian spread for your guests, this is it!  Introducing the “poor man’s caviar” or “vegan’s caviar” if you prefer.  My grandmother always made this Eggplant Caviar for her dinner parties, served as a canapé.  You can also enjoy it as a dip with pita chips or veggies, but I prefer them on little toasts. 

Ikra Eggplant caviar on mini toasts on Russian wooden platter

Savory Appetizers

These savory appetizers are sure to satisfy cravings with bold flavors and various textures. There’s crunchy and creamy to tender and salty and cheesy spicy; a flavor profile for many to enjoy!

6. Bacon & Fontina Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms | The Savvy Mama Lifestyle

It’s hard to go wrong with stuffed mushrooms, but bacon and fontina added into the mix is next level fabulous! 

Stuffed mushrooms with fontina and bacon from savvy mama lifestyle
Photo Credit: The Savvy Mama Lifestyle

7. Easy Smoked Jalapeno Poppers | Whole Made Living 

Add a spicy kick to your table with these awesome jalapeno poppers that are easy to make and have no breading.  So they’re gluten free and low carb if you’re needing that as an option.  

Smoked Jalapeno Poppers, bacon wrapped on top and plain below them on a wooden board with a raw green jalapeno in the upper left.

8. Herb Cream Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers | Through the Fibro Fog

These cute little peppers are a perfect vegetarian & gluten free option.  They’re creamy and a little herby with some fresh cilantro.  So good! 

Herb Cream Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers from Through the Fibro Fog
Photo Credit: Through the Fibro Fog

9. Soft Pretzel Bites with Beer Cheese | Whole Made Living

You have not really enjoyed soft pretzels unless you’ve had homemade.  These are like doughy little poofs of pure bliss.  Dip them in some beer cheese and you’ve got quite the treat! 

Dipping Soft Pretzel Bites into Cheese Sauce

10. Olive & Feta Shooters | Appetizer Addiction

These are some of the cutest and most delicious simple appetizers!  Feta cheese cubes are tossed with spices and olive oil and skewered with some olives in shot glasses.  They are adorable, naturally healthy, and delicious without any guilt!  It’s hard to go wrong with these! 

Olive and Feta Shooters from Appetizer Addiction
Photo Credit: Appetizer Addiction

11. Roasted Shrimp Cocktail with Quick Cocktail Sauce | Whole Made Living

These are a party holiday classic, but if you haven’t tried shrimp cocktail roasted, it’s a game changer.  I think the texture of the shrimp roasted is ideal.  It also gives the shrimp a little sweet flavor that’s extra good. 

Up close shot of roasted shrimp with cocktail sauce in a small bowl

12. Air Fryer Wontons | Budget Delicious

These little crispy and creamy delights are a unique and delicious way to enjoy the flavor of buffalo chicken with an Asian flair.  The blue cheese and buffalo sauce in a wonton makes this fusion flavor highly addictive, so beware! 

Air Fryer Wontons with buffalo chicken from Budget Delicious
Photo Credit: Budget Delicious

13. Pigs in a Blanket | Simply Stacie

It’s hard to go wrong with these little cuties; they’re scrumptious and adorable!  I love to use Costco’s Cloverdale uncured beef lil’ smokies that have no preservatives and no nitrates or nitrates. 

Mini Pigs in a blanket from Simply Stacie
Photo Credit: Simply Stacie

14. Miniature Boxty with Crème Fraîche and Truffle Caviar Appetizer | Christina’s Cucina

These adorable and delicious mini Irish treats are fabulous with creamy crème fraîche!  If you’re not opposed to a dollops of caviar atop, it adds that special salty goodness to elevate the potato appetizer. 

Mini Irish Boxty with cream fraiche and caviar from Christina's Cucina
Photo Credit: Christina’s Cucina

Sweet & Savory Appetizers

This combination might be the most popular one for appetizers. When it comes to sweet and savory, you don’t have to choose between salty and sweet, the food has all those delicious flavors blending together to give you one perfectly balanced bite!

15. Honey Lemon Pepper Wings | Pure & Simple Nourishment

For those who love wings, these are a delicious alternative to buffalo wings.  They’re tangy, sticky and sweet.  A finger licking delight!

Honey Lemon Pepper Wings from Pure And Simple Nourishment
Photo Credit: Pure & Simple Nourishment

16. Honey Roasted Chickpeas with Ginger | Dancing Through the Rain

Here’s a snacky appetizer that is salty, crunchy and sweet, yet guilt free! So snack on and sip on that holiday cocktail!

Honey Roasted Chickpeas from Dancing Through the Rain
Photo Credit: Dancing Through the Rain

17. Apple Compote & Brie Crostini | Cooking with Curls

The sweet flavor of the apple compote on the rich, creamy buttery brie atop a crostini is highly addictive!  

Apple Compote and Brie Crustini from Cooking with Curls
Photo Credit: Cooking with Curls

18. Million Dollar Bacon | Quiche My Grits

Good salty bacon is a perfect party food addition.  You can add it to a charcuterie board or add it to a bloody Mary on New Year’s morning (a little hair of the dog). 

Million Dollar Bacon from Quiche my Grits
Photo Credit: Quiche My Grits

19. Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp | Whole Made Living

This crispy and tender shrimp with a sweet chili dipping sauce is a must try! If you don’t like frying, the air fryer will do the dirty work for you. You can enjoy it as an appetizer or entrée for your celebration.

Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp with dipping sauce

20. 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Meatballs | Chew Out Loud

Full Disclaimer: I make 95% of my food from scratch.  Once in a while, just like you, I need to cheat just a little with some pre-made ingredients, but when I do I still look for the highest quality possible.  These 3 ingredient cocktail meatballs are the perfect cold night appetizer to satisfy the comfort food desires.

3 Ingredient slow cooker meatballs from Chew out Loud
Photo Credit: Chew Out Loud

Sweet Treats for New Year’s Eve

These delicious desserts are the best way to end a festive evening on the last day of the year!

21. Puff Pastry Cinnamon Twists | Waiting for Blancmange

These are a super simple way to get a fun sweet treat on the table with only 4 ingredients.  These are a perfect example of sometimes less is more!  Also, you can make them ahead of time which is great! 

Puff Pastry Cinnamon Twists from Waiting from Blancmange
Photo Credit: Waiting for Blancmange

22. Fortune Cookies Recipe | A Country Girl’s Life

It doesn’t get more fun than making your own fortune cookies for New Year’s!  This fabulous cookie recipe even comes with printable fortunes to fold into the cookies.  Everyone will get a kick out of these fun and delicious treats!

Fortune Cookie Recipe from a Country Girls Life
Photo Credit: A Country Girl’s Life

23. Orange Chocolate Bundt Cake | Whole Made Living

This dessert has 2 lucky elements; “orange” and it’s a “ring shaped cake.” This super moist cake is a tasty way to close out the year with hopefulness of good luck in the new year! For an appetizer kind of spread, just pre-slice your cake ring and plate for easy to grab cake. If you want to get really crazy, add a little extra orange glaze to the slices and let them harden before the party.

orange chocolate bundt cake slice on plate with orange slice

24. Mini Biscoff Cheesecakes | Waiting for Blancmange

Just the word Biscoff should stop you in your tracks. I mean, crunchy, sweet creamy with a biscoff cookie crumb crust and crumbs on top. You can not go wrong with these sweet little bites of heaven!

Mini Biscoff Cheesecakes from Waiting for Blancmange
Photo Credit: Waiting for Blancmange

25. Luscious Balls (Bourbon Balls) | Cuss Kitchen

Wickedly delicious sweet bites for adults only!  With the words “bourbon balls” in the title, I think you know these are wicked good!  

Luscious Balls (Bourbon Balls) from Cuss Kitchen
Photo Credit: Cuss Kitchen

Bonus: New Year’s Eve Cocktails & Mocktails For Good Luck!

Grab your cocktail glasses and let’s get mixing!  You can’t fully enjoy your great new year’s party food without a great cocktail or mocktail in hand. These gorgeous and delicious beverages are sure to get the party going!  Cheers to a Happy New Year! 

Purple Rain Champagne Cocktail | An Expression of Food

These champagne cocktails are as delicious as they look! Delicious drinks you can make as cocktails or mocktails with sparkle to dazzle your guests.

Purple Rain Champagne Cocktail from An Expression of Food
Photo Credit: An Expression of Food

Easy & Festive Pomegranate Mocktail Drinks | My Chefs Apron

Grab your champagne flutes, even for those who aren’t sipping on alcohol.  The non-drinkers need to have a special drink in hand to celebrate as well!  Or, if you’re needing a special drink for the kiddos, this is it!

Easy and Festive Pomegranate Mocktails from My Chefs Apron
Photo Credit: My Chef’s Apron

Holiday Manhattan Cocktail | Simmer & Sage

This delicious pomegranate flavored cocktail is a Bourbon Manhattan that will make you feel lucky just sipping on it.

Holiday Manhattan Cocktail from Simmer and Sage
Photo Credit: Simmer & Sage

Orange Apple Cider Cocktail | Whole Made Living

This delicious cocktail is festive and easy on the waistline.  With a little apple cider and more orange flavored sparkling water it takes some of the extra calories and carbs out of your drink, so that’s a bonus!

Up close shot of Orange Apple Cider Cocktail in coupe glass over red napkin with bourbon bottle, cider and orange seltzer in the background

Here are some other Recipes you might enjoy for your next party!

Cheers and Happy New Year! 🥂 Wishing you a healthy, happy and extra Delicious New Year!! 🎉

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