Whole Made Hiatus for a New Home

Image of our backyard in the new house
Posted On: April 18, 2017
Last updated: January 10th, 2024

Dear Whole Made Living Followers,  I’m excited to share news that our family has made one more move to a new home.  Due to these circumstances we had to take a hiatus to get our family and belongings moved over.   This took a bit more time than expected.  Some of you know we moved between states just a year and a half ago.  It was a temporary move to a rental home while we got to know our new surroundings.  This new home should serve as our last move for a very long time!  We truly feel we’ve found our home to finally plant roots;  literally and figuratively speaking.

Whole Made Hiatus

We moved just 2 miles down the road from where we originally moved to in Northern Kentucky.  You would think that a local move would not affect life as much, but in our case it really slowed down our productivity a bit.  I’m finally unpacking boxes that we haven’t unearthed in at least 5 years due to our rental status.  This move is most exciting since we bought a sweet property on a couple acres; it’s like a clean slate we get to play with and do what we choose.  This type of property has been our dream for years, especially since Whole Made Living has been built up.  We’re ready to move forward and continue sharing with you all.

Whole Made Hiatus for New Home

Whole Made Ventures

We’re looking to take advantage of our new property and use it to it’s fullest potential.  For starters, Josh will be sharing some of his DIY efforts for the yard, like a kids’ outdoor play area and some of his gardening efforts.  Sometime in the future we hope to get some chickens for amazing fresh eggs.  Also, down the line we hope to try our hand at beekeeping.  We already have family members who are beekeepers, so we hope to follow along and give it a shot as well.  It’s important to us to respect bees and we hope to do our small part in preserving them in their sometimes hostile natural world.  We need the bees!

Whole Made Hiatus for a New Home

Whole Made Garden

My husband, Josh is working hard to get a 1200 sq ft garden started with some seedlings he started in our rental home and now in our new four seasons room.  He’s been tilling and we’ve been composting in preparation for our new gardening landscape.   We know the first year might be less productive than future years, but we’ve got to start somewhere.  I feel so fortunate to have found a green thumbed gardening man.  As some of you already know, I’m not the gardener in this family.

Whole Made Hiatus for a New Home


Our Whole Purpose

My husband and I love to cook, create and conquer challenges or create them….not sure which way exactly it goes, but at least we’re trying.  We might get a bit frustrated along the way, especially with three little boys running around us, but we’ll keep plugging away.  Our purpose for Whole Made Living is to share these experiences with you; what works and doesn’t work for us.  Maybe we’ll even inspire some of you to try something different and out of your normal repertoire.  Stick with us and keep following us on our new journey.  Thanks for checking us out and please continue sharing the things you like about us with your friends.

Whole Made Hiatus for a New Home


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